SHINE Media Platform


Shine Media Platform is the result of our best effort: a leading-edge professional software platform for OEMs and integrators who need to propose advanced and affordable digital video solutions to their customers.

Modularity and scalability are key points of the Platform enabling OEMs to supply customers with tailor-made solutions able to fulfil the wide range of specific requirements they may have.

SHINE Media Platform is designed to work in a client-server environment: each of its modules can be remotely controlled and provides proprietary IP streaming for zero-delay HQ remote monitoring.

Our customer support team works in touch with software designer and collects customer feedback in order to keep the platform features always suitable to our OEMs and integrators.

GammaRED Engineering believes in the power and value of innovation, and therefore invests in research and development in order to keep the Platform always abreast of technical progress, providing the ability to build as many kinds of solution as modern broadcasters need.
Our mission is to enable and support OEMs in raising responsiveness to customers’ changing requirements, improving their Time to Market.

APIs Highlights

SHINE APIs are the key to unveil the power of the Platform and let OEMs quickly focus resources on the development of the front-end rather than on the expensive server-side aspects of the project.

Developers take advantage of the following features:

  • Exhaustive documentation on all APIs of each component.
  • High level TCP-IP based APIs for Platform’s modules remote control. These APIs give developers a very easy to use abstraction layer and support C++/.NET/VBA as well as COM/automation compatible development environments/languages.
  • Timeline is a really powerful feature of the Platform and it enables Audio/Video/Graphics multi-track editing with effects (mask, mosaic, blur, fade, wipe…). A detailed documentation explains the APIs subset for Timeline manipulation.
  • Libraries for easy integration of SHINE proprietary IP streaming in front-end OEMs’ application (C++/.NET interface code available).
  • Common Graphic Link component allows OEMs to integrate their own graphic engine with SHINE Media Platform in an efficient and reliable way.
  • Sample applications with full source code available for fast learning and development.
  • Specific SHINE Media Platform redistributable package simplifies OEMs custom products deployment.

Target Scenarios

Almost every broadcast workflow and in particular all those ones where high customization and advanced features are required:

  • Around the clock on-airing
  • Live News Player
  • Archive digitization
  • Stereoscopic 3D playout
  • News production
  • Transcoding server
  • Profanity delay and content control
  • Time delayed channels

Features Highlights


  • Multiple real-time proxy creation in WMV, MP4 and MOV (H264 AAC) with timecode
  • Loop recording
  • Edit while capturing
  • Clip transcoding and timeline exporting
  • Output signal direct capture, without wasting input channels


  • Fill and Fill + Key output (clip with alpha channel support)
  • Back-To-Back playout of mixed formats (SD/HD, 4:3/16:9, multi codec/container)
  • Simultaneous up/down conversion with AFD support and customizable AspectRatio behaviour
  • Multi-layer compositor with DVE effects on each layer
  • Live pass-through, even on multiple outputs
  • Simulcast same playout in different format (SD, HD, with Logo, …)
  • Embedded CG capabilities (ticker, logo, animation sequence, text, clock) with data binding
  • Audio/Video/Graphic multi-track Timeline with on-the-fly editing and effects (mask, mosaic, blur, fade, wipe…)
  • Stereoscopic 3D in SideBySide, TopAndBottom and TileFormat
  • Streaming output


  • Extensive native codec support in HD and SD including DVCAM, DVCPRO 25/50, MPEG2-IFrame422 (SD/HD), MPEG2-IBP420/422 (SD/HD), D10-IMX, HDV, DVCPROHD, XDCAMHD420/422, Avid DNxHD, H264 (SD/HD), P2.
  • Cross-platform container support: AVI, MXF, MOV, MPG, MP4, WMV
  • Common Graphic Link technology enables getting feed from third party graphic engines
  • Integration with third party components through standard protocols (VDCP and VDCP over IP)
  • Advanced remote control with SHINE Interact Protocol (APIs available)

Further capabilities

  • TimeCode support as embedded VITC or external LTC (with optional LTC-input card)
  • Input/output audio levels control
  • Audio channels routing
  • Dolby-E preservation
  • Audio/Video stream virtual router
  • 4K ready
  • Local signals preview and remote zero-delay and full frame rate HQ preview based on proprietary IP streaming

Supported hardware

  • Matrox DSX family
  •          Blackmagic DeckLink Studio as input channel only in addition to Matrox board (even more than one)

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